Traditional knowledge, medicinal plants and culture


UNU Our World’s most recent issue covers an insightful article on ethnobiological drug discovery in Latin America and how discussions around traditional knowledge and medicinal plants emerged. Learn more about the essential role traditional knowledge on the use of medicinal plants plays and why there is a need to preserve these precious sources for our wellbeing here

Empowering women through sustainable livelihoods


The Association of Women of the Highlands (Asociaciõn de Mujeres del Altiplano, AMA) is an inspiring example for a federation driven by women supporting other women to create sustainable livelihoods. What makes AMA so special is that their work is deeply rooted in the local cultural and natural setting and is based on existing knowledge. AMA encourages works with 13 Mayan communities on identifying sustainable livelihoods that impact individual and community wellbeing at large in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala’s second largest city. Learn more about AMA’s inspiring work in the recent “Our World web magazine” initiated and driven by the United Nations University (UNU) here.

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