70% of us rely on traditional, largely herbal medicine


The Biodiversity and Community Health (BaCH) Initiative promotes the sustainable management of biological resources, namely medicinal plants to create sources of sustainable livelihoods and impact health needs at the local level. A recent article in the Times of India highlights how the absence of specific laws leads to diminishing resources and knowledge. Read the article here


Creating Health Commons in India

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The Biodiversity and Community Health (BaCH) Initiative’s partners UNU-IAS and FRLHT are facilitating a two-day multi-stakeholder forum on ways to link biodiversity, community health and sustainable livelihoods through Public Private Partnership (PPP) innovations. Thanks to the partnership with the Shuttleworth Foundation and its support for community health advocates, our partners will be discussing ways to create health commons which also aim to ensure biodiversity conservation and revitalising traditional health practices. The forum is locally hosted by FRLHT in Bangalore and brings together development partners, NGOs, CBOs, traders and suppliers as well as researchers.

Sustainable harvesting of medicinal plants in South India

Learn more about the Standard for wild collection of aromatic plants (ISSC-MAP) and its application around the globe. The Biodiversity and Community Health (BaCH) Initiative’s partners TRAFFIC India and FRLHT jointly implemented the approach in Karnataka, southern India. The ISSC-MAP is now merged with the FairWild Standard. Learn more about the FairWild Standard here.

Towards biodiversity conservation & sustainable livelihoods through FairWild certification


The Biodiversity and Community Health (BaCH) Initiative’s partner TRAFFIC is engaged in promoting biodiversity conservation through sustainable use of economic instruments in the medicinal plants sector. In line with BaCH’s key values, TRAFFIC promotes ethical, inclusive and economically viable management practices. Check out one of TRAFFIC’s pioneering projects in the North-Western Ghats, India and learn more about ways on how to link economic development and biodiversity in a FAIR manner in the medicinal plant sector here

Take a virtual tour through India’s #1 research oriented multidisciplinary Ayurveda Hospital


The Biodiversity and Community Health (BaCH) Initiative’s partner the Foundation for Revitalization of Local Health Traditions (FRLHT) is running a full-fledged Ayurveda & Integrative hospital equipped with modern diagnostics facilities: the I-AIM (Institute of Ayurveda and Integrative Medicine) Health Care Centre (IHC). Have a look here